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CARE.+ for mobile (Matte)

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How many hours a day do you spend using technology either on smartphone / tablet / computer / TV? Increasingly more users are exposed to blue light when using their digital devices causing eye strain, headaches and sleep problems. Exposure to light at night, especially short-wavelength light, can slow or even cease melatonin production, interrupting sleep. Researchers warn against using gadgets with a backlit display, Care.+ anti-blue light series screen protector is just what you need for screen and eye protection. (SGS tested, material from Japan) **

Install the EyeCare Timer, regulate yourself to healthy digital habit.

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Anti-blue light | 
Reduce 27% (* 240nm to 800nm) of eye-damaging blue light (HEV light) from LED sources that emits from digital device for eye protection
* wavelength from 450 - 460nm consists of highest-energy short-wave

Anti-reflection |
Matte finish gives reading clarity on screen for reducing mirror-like reflections and glare from indoor lighting or sunlight vanishes

Anti-Fingerprint |
Dust-free, slick and less reflective screen with enhanced sensitivity

Anti-Scratch |
The screen protector is made of silica-free coating with ultra strength for protection

Customized order Care.+ anti-blue light screen protector to fit your laptop / computer / TV. Personal or corporate orders are welcomed, contact:

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