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CARE.+ for Apple laptop 12" (Gloss)

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Light from laptops, TVs, electronics, and energy-efficient light bulbs cause harm on health, increasingly more users are exposed to blue light when using their digital devices causing eye strain, headaches and sleep problems. Exposure to light at night, especially short-wavelength light, can slow or even cease melatonin production, interrupting sleep. Researchers warn against using gadgets with a backlit display, Care.+ anti-blue light series screen protector is just what you needfor screen and eye protection. (SGS tested, material from Japan)

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Anti-blue light | 
Reduce 27% (* 240nm to 800nm) of eye-damaging blue light (HEV light) from LED sources that emits from digital device for eye protection
* wavelength from 450 - 460nm consists of highest-energy short-wave

Natural colour |
Gloss finish gives the most genuine high definition and natural colour spectrum utilizing the neural grey coating developed in Japan, outperforming those that generally dim display

Anti-Fingerprint |
Dust-free, slick and less reflective screen with enhanced sensitivity

Anti-Scratch |
The screen protector is made of silica-free coating with ultra strength for protection

Customized order Care.+ anti-blue light screen protector to fit your laptop / computer / TV. Personal or corporate orders are welcomed, contact:


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